Thursday, 28 October 2021

Criss crossing cultures

The Erasmus project was a great experience for us students, and I'm sure for teachers as well. I had the huge privilege to host a Romanian boy in my house. We bonded a lot and even celebrated his birthday together with my family. We've also established a beautiful friendship with the other guys in the project and at the time of departure we all cried a lot. With the virtual mobility we had the opportunity to see places all over Europe and learn about other countries' folklore and traditions behind a screen. Of course we missed contact with people but in that particular moment it wasn't possible to do otherwise. Anyway we still managed to talk to the other countries' students via social media and exchange our opinions and experiences. What a pity that this journey has come to an end! A special thanks to everyone who took part to it and made it that special.
Annalisa Pagano

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

A Wonderful Experience

Working on an Erasmus project gave me the opportunity to learn many things about foreign countries. The mobility to Italy was a virtual one, so unfortunately we did not have the possibility to meet in person because of the covid-19 pandemic.
It was a great experience anyway.
I hope to take part in future Erasmus+ projects.
Elena Loredana Vizitiu ❤️


This project was  fantastic because it allowed me to have contacts with people from various parts of europe, even if only virtually. 
We had the possibility to make them discover our world, our culture, our habits and in turn  we had the occasion to know their culture.
I have established a beautiful relationship with many guys because we created a group on instagram to chat every day even outside the project.
I remember I hosted a girl from Romania for one week 3 years ago and it was an unforgettable experience because being in contact every day with people of different nationalities  helps you also improve your language skills.
I hope to have the opportunity to live this experience in person because in my opinion these great experiences  help you  feel stronger and more confident.  It helps you  face difficult situations in life and widen our knowledge.


About the virtual mobility

Erasmus project is a great opportunity, it allows you to meet new people, different cultures, learn a new language. I think it is a fantastic experience. 
It was a pity that the mobility to Italy was a virtual one because we couldn't have a real contact with host students. I hope that one day I can take part in it in person.  

Angela La Bella
Claudia Piazzolla 

Criss crossing culture

Erasmus programme made us meet beautiful people from other European countries and learn their culture and language, which we think is very important. It was a beautiful and interesting experience and we liked it very much!

Criss crossing cultures

Our Erasmus project was very important because it made me know different cultures and helped me improve the English language. I really liked the experience of the mobility to Italy even if it was virtual. I'd like to meet the partners in person one day and to spend a lot of time together.
Eleonora Forelli

Criss crossing culture

This experience was really important for me, this project made me understand the importance of intercultural dialogue and also that Erasmus is a bridge which unites students all over Europe, it gave me the chance to know new cultures and I'm very sorry it's over.

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